Alejandra Alvergue is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), with a bachelor of fine arts in Illustration and communication arts. Currently working for Whole Foods Market as a store graphic artist at South Beach, FL.


As an artist industry we all wish to make a statement, either through fashion, personal explorations, work life, or individual art. Above all the goal is to have ideas stand out in the crowd; for the view to be moved and curious about the process by which ideas are developed and executed.  Taking a cunning and clever approach to visual communications, I work to express specific and unique ideas. The illustrations are meant to connect to the viewers and cause them to deeply question their current understandings. I seek to reveal my own personal understanding and observation of life through my art.


To produce a body of work that people can relate to and at the same time question. I am a dreamer at heart as well as an observer of the world around me, always pushing and pulling. To share with the audience my experiences and stories.

Email: alealvergue22@gmail.com

phone: 305.965.5765